One of the memorable stories in the Book of Mormon is that of a man known simply as Captain Moroni.

His nation’s top general and a devout Christian, Moroni lived in the first century BC amid a flourishing pre-Columbian society somewhere in the Americas.  At a time of great danger to his country from plotters within and enemies without, Moroni’s patriotic fervor and unshakable faith in God enabled him to mobilize his countrymen to the defense of their land and the preservation of their free way of life.  His campaign was identified by a large flag bearing the words, In memory of our God, our religion, our freedom and our peace, our wives and our children. This, their new national standard, was known as the “Title of Liberty”.

One business believes the hour has come for the Title of Liberty to be raised again — in modern America.  They offer Moroni’s timeless slogan on flags in several sizes, wall tapestries, and refrigerator magnets.