BYU’s annual Conference on Computerized Family History & Genealogy was held last week.  The Mormon Times provided coverage with a series of articles, each focusing on an outstanding conference presentation.  Here are some of them.

imageFinding family history connections online
Doing family history isn’t just about connecting with people who are dead, it also means building connections with people who are alive — and the Internet makes it easy.
Family history is professor’s ‘great joy’
Professor Susan Easton Black spoke at the annual Conference on Computerized Family History Friday. Black shared how her interest in technology and genealogy formed when she was young.
Cemetery stomping a thing of the past
Mormon genealogists in search of verifiable information no longer need to stomp around grassy cemeteries.
Finding family history images and videos with Google
There may be photographs of your ancestor online. There may also be someone online right now who is searching for that photograph you have of your great-grandfather.
Sharing — the newest thing in genealogy
In a field where things are changing at lightning speed, a Mormon genealogy expert says the biggest news is about sharing.
Building a free family history Web site
With today’s Internet tools, it is no longer necessary to work alone on your family tree.
Modern-day genealogists need to fix mistakes
In the modern world with Web site sharing and merge programs being the norm, a Mormon genealogist needs to know how to find and fix errors