Coverage of the 2009 Conference on Family Life at BYU was provided through a series of articles appearing in the Mormon Times.  Links to those articles are provided below.

Prepare early for the coming storms
The key to surviving wicked and dangerous times is to prepare early and be consistent in righteous doings, said the keynote speaker at a recent family conference.

Happiness is a learned behavior
DNA and circumstances dictate how happy we are to a certain extent. But there’s enough wiggle room left in the factors we can control that most people can be much happier than they are.

Define ‘appropriate dating’ before the teenager is 16
Mormon parents do a pretty good job of making sure their kids know they cannot date until they’re 16, but not so good a job of explaining what kind of dating that means, said a speaker at the Conference on Family Life.

BYU family conference: ‘Politics of Marriage’
Brigham Young University professor Alan J. Hawkins said government intervention should be directed at ensuring more marriages succeed. “We know from research that a strong institution of marriage supports the psychological and physical health, emotional well-being, and actually the financial well-being of children and adults,” he said.

8 spiritual habits to help in troubled times
Like the eight ingredients in the specific science of glass-making, there are eight spiritual ingredients that will help members be worthy of exaltation, said Elder Gordon T. Watts, an emeritus general authority.