The non-profit More Good Foundation recently launched a new web site at

The site features top-rated LDS music in a format allowing online music lovers to stream, download, and enjoy both prominent and up-and-coming LDS musical selections—from jazz piano and classical guitar to inspirational vocals and choral numbers.

The More Good Foundation is a non-profit creator of quality Web sites, social networks, and virtual communities that facilitate peer-to-peer dialog between Mormons and friends of all faiths online.

The site’s vision, according to the foundation’s President, Jonathan Johnson, “is multi-dimensional. First, it is a way to extend the powerful, spirit-filled, expressive medium of music to those across the globe from Kiev to Quatar, some of whom may not have immediate or any access to affordable LDS CDs—providing them with some free downloadable selections of quality orchestral, instrumental, or vocal music streaming in their homes that might not otherwise be possible. Secondly, the site is intended to be a gathering place for friends of other faiths to have a glimpse into our lives and music. By getting to know our artists, listening to uplifting music and reading about their faith-infused lives, misperceptions about us as a people will likely be dispelled and doors opened to conversations about our beliefs.”

This article first appeared on April 6 at the LDS Media Talk web site.