Elder Dallin H. Oaks delivered a major address on October 13 on the importance of protecting the religious freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

This six-minute video from Seth Adam Smith presents several important excerpts from that talk.


‘There is a growing anti-religious bigotry in the United States. . . .

‘For three decades people of faith have watched a systematic and very effective effort waged in the courts and the media to drive them from the public square and to delegitimize their participation in politics as somehow threatening.’

— Noted author and legal commentator Hugh Hewitt, as quoted by Dallin H. Oaks

For further information, read the press release on the Church’s Newsroom site and the full text of Elder Oaks’ speech at the same site.

Also consider this significant article by Joseph A. Cannon, editor of the Deseret News, who refers to Elder Dallin H. Oaks’s legal and juridical credentials and terms his address a “call to action” for Latter-day Saints.