A new video by Seth Adam Smith highlights a recently completed artwork from the brush of painter Jon McNaughton.

Called One Nation Under God, the painting depicts an array of historical and contemporary individuals who the artist holds as having sustained the concept of a free nation by the blessing and under the protection of God.  In the foreground, a richly adorned figure representing Jesus Christ holds the Constitution of the United States.  A young boy examines the document, while various onlookers express veneration, commitment, indifference, or scorn.

The video, which runs just over 2-1/2 minutes, begins in the artist’s studio, where McNaughton examines the completed work.  As the camera pans in for close-up views of the detail, McNaughton provides explanatory narration.

This is an excellent short work and well worth viewing.  After watching the video, click through to McNaughton’s web site for additional explanation of the extensive symbolism employed in this new patriotic work, One Nation Under God.

As you look at this painting, I hope that you will consider what your place is in this country.            — Jon McNaughton