Increasingly, unofficial LDS internet sites are providing a wealth of answers, insights, and information about Latter-day Saint temples and their place in the lives of modern Mormons.

Produced not by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but by LDS people with the aim of providing clear, accurate, useful information to interested persons both inside and outside the Church, these video presentations and multimedia web pages present their messages in an engaging, sometimes lighthearted, but always respectful manner, offering explanations on such topics as temple ceremonies, requirements for entering the temple, rituals performed, clothing worn, baptism for the dead, the temple garment, and the question of secrecy.

The first item is the following video from the folks at  This film is fun viewing even for those who already know all about it.

Another fine offering is the collection of web pages at  On these pages, the authors provide short explanations, answers to frequently asked questions, and a neat collection of online videos about many aspects of LDS temples and temple worship,  They also provide links to selected other sites, including the one below, which is devoted to straight talk about <ahem> “Mormon underwear”.  (Click on the graphic to visit the site and find out everything you wanted to know.)

imageThese and other sites, prepared with obvious care and published by individual Latter-day Saints in several countries, are an impressive and growing manifestation of Mormons “finding their voice”, speaking for themselves, “joining the conversation”, and giving their testimony about God’s work and kingdom in the days in which we live.