Mary Kept All These Things

This post is especially for my wife, my daughters, and my women friends and readers.

“Today I am thinking of Mary.

“I am thinking about the unexpected pregnancy, the faith in an angel, the discomfort of traveling too many miles on dusty trails, while in labor, on the back of a donkey.

“I am thinking about no room at the inn, and no place to rest her travel-weary body…”

Thus begins Brooke B. in her recent article, “Good Mary,” which appeared this week in the Segullah web log.  Click here to read the reflections of a modern LDS woman upon one of the most remarkable women of all time.

Annie W., writing in the same journal, shares this thought:

Christina Rossetti was a writer in her own right who wrote these Mary-like words:

     What can I give him
     Poor as I am
     If I were a shepherd
     I would bring a lamb

     If I were a wise man
     I would do my part
     Yet what I can I give him
     Give my heart.

(last verse of In the Bleak Midwinter)

The December 2009 issue of the Ensign features a beautiful new painting of Mary by Lonni Clarke, entitled Mary Kept All These Things and Pondered Them in Her Heart.  It’s pictured above, but click here and then go to page 83 to see it in a larger format, which you can also capture and save, if desired.