imageThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sending a team of doctors and medical supplies to Haiti immediately to help care for those injured by Tuesday’s devastating earthquake.  The doctors will set up a temporary medical center in a Church meetinghouse in Port-au-Prince.

Besides medical care, the most urgent needs in the stricken country are clean water, shelter and food.

An initial shipment of relief supplies dispatched by truck from LDS facilities in the Dominican Republic arrived in Haiti on Thursday.

Two air freighters containing supplies from the Church are scheduled to depart for Haiti on Saturday and Sunday.  Included in these shipments will be 15,000 personal water filtration bottles, food, blankets, hygiene kits, tarps, tents and other necessities.

Mormon meetinghouses in Haiti’s capital city, Port-Au-Prince, have been pressed into service as temporary shelters for displaced persons.

The LDS Church is working with several major partners in delivering disaster relief to Haiti, including Islamic Relief USA, Airline Ambassadors, and Food for the Poor.

Donations for the Church’s relief efforts in Haiti can be made online.  Church members can also donate by marking the “Humanitarian Aid” line on their tithing slip.   Cash donations are put to work immediately, making possible the immediate purchase of the most urgently needed commodities, wherever they are available.  Even small donations are welcome and needed.

The LDS Church is relatively young in Haiti.  The first baptism were performed in 1978.  A mission was organized in 1984, and Haiti’s first stake (an organizational unit comparable to a diocese) was formed in 1997.  Church membership presently stands at more than 15,000 members in the island nation.


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