“In truth, we are immortal spirits in the midst of a mortal experience. We are literal sons and daughters of God, nurtured tenderly by him in a day we cannot remember. We are bright, beautiful beings struggling through the mists and confusions of this veil of tears.

“What are we doing in the moment by moment course of Our Day? Emerson reminds us, with his usual clarity, ‘One of the illusions of life is that the present is not the critical, decisive hour.’

“We know the choices we make are crucial. But not only the major ones — every little choice makes a difference: Each step I take will leave its mark, for each step leads me somewhere. We lose faith in ourselves when we take the “wrong steps” and cease to believe in the Promise of our own Day. But it is much more than wrong decisions or right decisions, it is what is happening inside, what we think, what we are in that little core of our being where all things begin.”

— Susan Evans McCloud, in her column appearing in today’s Mormon Times