Visitors to the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center this winter were treated to an exhibition of bronze sculptures depicting scenes from the ministry and healing miracles of Jesus Christ.  The work of sculptor Angela Johnson, these unusual pieces are being shown across the United States at visitors centers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Ultimately, life-size versions of all the sculptures will reside in a sculpture park at Thanksgiving Point, Utah.

Titled The Healing Power of Jesus Christ, the exhibit consists of 13 bronze sculptures, each depicting a memorable incident in the life and ministry of the Son of God.  In one scene, Jesus stoops to write in the dust, while the woman accused of adultery stands nearby and her accusers look incredulously on.  In another, He reaches out in healing embrace to a tattered figure representing one of the ten lepers.  In yet another, a stern-faced Jesus strides across turbulent waters as the wind whips His hair and clothes.

Especially gripping is a piece in which the Lord stands calmly outside the entrance of a rock tomb while inside, strips of burial clothing hanging from his limbs, Lazarus arises from the sleep of death.

Other scenes depict the Redeemer of mankind in various settings: in quiet prayer, receiving a visitor while seated at Simon’s table, bearing his cross to the crucifixion, and standing in the air above a youthful Joseph Smith.

Exquisite in their detail and powerfully realistic, the sculptures inspired awe and reverence in many visitors and were viewed mostly in silence.

“Through Jesus Christ, hope, repentance and faith are met with tender love and divine power sufficient to cleanse any sin or heal the bruised, broken or suffering soul.”

(from the exhibit’s brochure)

In the following short video, producer Seth Adam Smith provides a fine tour of the exhibit as it appeared earlier this year in an outdoor setting at Nauvoo, Illinois.  The video features a nicely chosen musical soundtrack.

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Learn more about Angela Johnson’s work at her website,  There is a slideshow of her “Healing Power” sculptures, with a soft musical accompaniment, as well as links to her blog and her The Light of the World Garden web site.