Hundreds of LDS volunteers were mobilized in Atlanta GA earlier this month to prepare 8000 kits of tools and repair materials for immediate shipment to earthquake-stricken Haiti.

The tools and materials were furnished by Home Depot in response to a plea from Habitat for Humanity, which with other relief agencies is racing to help Haitians construct adequate shelter before the start of that nation’s rainy season, now only weeks away.

Each kit includes a strong 5-gallon bucket, a tarpaulin, wire, rope, a wrecking bar, masonry implements, gloves, nails, hammer and a saw.  With these items, many Haitians will be able to make sufficient repairs to a damaged home to provide shelter from the elements.  A typical set of materials is pictured below.

Whirlpool Corporation opened an Atlanta-area warehouse to provide space for the assembly project.  Volunteer manpower was also provided by students from Emory University and employees of Delta Airlines, Wachovia Bank, and Shane’s Rib Shack.  Workers labored two shifts per day for five days to complete the project.

Volunteer team uses mass-production methods to ready repair kits for shipment.
Manpower came from the LDS Church, Emory University, and several large and small businesses