Crystal Godfrey knows that normal people don’t have any quarrel with idea of food storage. It’s sensible, economical, and it could save your life in the event of a major disaster or famine.

It’s just the idea of eating it that turns a thinking person’s stomach.

To help us cope with this problem, Crystal and three other bright young housemoms created the “Fun With Food Storage Network” — a set of three web logs designed to help ordinary folks (like us) plan, buy, and <gulp> use their food storage.

Each of the three blogs specializes in one aspect of an individual or family food storage program. provides:

  • Free email checklists
  • Food storage planning tools
  • Emergency preparedness program covers:

  • Three-month supply tips
  • Buying long term foods
  • Frugal living tips

And features:

  • Using food storage in your recipes
  • How-to videos
  • Free downloads

In the following short video, Crystal recounts her journey from revulsion to enthusiasm for eating food storage.

Crystal Godfrey has written a book outlining simple steps to using food storage. She describes it as a guide to creating “an emergency fund we can eat.”

It begins with three family home evening lesson plans that bring the family on board: “Come and Dine,” “Recipe for Eternal Life” and “Word of Wisdom.”

By the time the family discusses what they like to eat, what they should be eating and why, they’re pretty integrated.

She then moves on to building a three-month supply of food, drawing on concepts the family has talked over during the three home evening lessons, such as purchasing ingredients for their favorite meals.

From there, it’s another simple step to building a money-saving, nutritious, completely edible one-year supply.

Her book, I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage, is available at Amazon, Deseret Book, and other booksellers.

The Fun With Food Storage blogs are filled with practical ideas and useful tools adaptable to every circumstance.  To visit their home page, click on the graphic below or navigate to

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