Michaela Stephens, author of Scriptorium Blogorium, has shared her notes on last weekend’s General Conference.  A sampling of her interesting comments follows:

“…there was so much emphasis on teaching our families because the Lord sees how more and more families are becoming isolated and disconnected from each other because of media over-consumption. Parents are escaping from children through media. Children are escaping from parents through media. Spouses are escaping each other through media… The emphasis our church places on teaching families shows that the world trend is toward leaving kids to themselves (the opposite direction).”

“In a world where the gospel light is being obscured in day-to-day interactions and secular viewpoints, we can be a beacon of light. First by showing that it is okay to talk about these things, and secondly by sharing the important principles we know.”

“…Elder Holland took a fresh approach to decrying pornography by going to the root of the matter, which is lust. This showed great spiritual discernment. When he said that there is so much of an improper portrayal of love in society and family, this suggested to me that those of us in the arts need to make sure to incorporate PROPER portrayals of love in society and family into our works.

“Elder Holland’s analysis of lust versus love suggested to me that we would do well to try and find the roots of other great sins.”

“President Monson’s talk on the resurrection suggests to me that in these dark times we can find hope in the prospect of future resurrection.

“For those of us who have lost loved ones, there is the anticipation of reuniting with them in the future. For those of us who are struggling with sin, we use our anticipation of the resurrection to drive us to prepare for that day when we will have mercy restored for mercy, righteousness restored for righteousness, and so on.

“The doctrine of the resurrection reminds us that this life is preparatory, and that what we do here and now DOES matter.”

“Mothers can … discuss the fit of the clothing their daughters are trying on and analyze it with their daughters according to righteous principles like the following:

  • Can I raise my hands high and not have any waistline skin show?
  • Can I bend over and not worry about people seeing cleavage?
  • Can I squat and not have to worry about my jeans gaping in back?”

She also provides two summaries, one of instructions and one of warnings given in Conference, in list form.

Read the rest of Michaela’s post, “Reflections On General Conference“, at her website.