Nature doesn’t answer to our impatient demands that she should hurry along. Each day will last 24 hours. The sun will rise and fall at its established time, regardless of our schedules. Even as we speak, the volcano in Iceland continues to spew ash across the skies of Europe and thereby grounding tens of thousands of flights. At an estimated $200 million loss each day, the airlines are in a panic mode. But guess what? The volcano will continue to do its thing, oblivious to the rest of humanity.

The most important and meaningful things in our lives usually take time to develop, whether it’s our testimonies, our loving relationships or even progress in our imperfections. Can we find inner peace and accept that some things will take their sweet time to unfold? I hope we can all slow down our lives enough to fully embrace the process that makes us who we are.

— Elia Gourgouris, in his article “Delayed Gratification Takes Too Long“, in today’s Mormon Times