A list of 23 highlights in “Jewish-LDS history” is provided in this interesting blog in the online edition of the Jewish Journal.

The blog is written by Mark Paredes, the religion editor of the Latter-day Trumpet, a newspaper serving the Latter-day Saint community in Southern California.

Continually associated with Jews throughout his life and professional career, Paredes records his impressions of things Jewish from a Mormon perspective.

“There are no people in the world who understand the Jews like the Mormons.” —David Ben Gurion

“I am proud to belong to a Church that has no history of anti-Semitism, one that has always supported Jews and sought their welfare,” writes Paredes.  “Mormons believe that they are latter-day members of the House of Israel, and their actions show it. As the highlights [in his article] attest, the 14 million members of the most persecuted major religion in American history have a special affinity for the 14 million members of the most persecuted major religion in world history. Ben Gurion made the above-quoted statement to Elder Ezra Taft Benson, a Mormon apostle who would become the Church’s President decades later. In a major speech on Jews given in Calgary, Alberta, Elder Benson articulated the mission statement for this blog: ‘We need to know more about the Jews, and the Jews ought to know more about the Mormons.’”