June 1st is the 209th anniversary of the birth of Brigham Young. 

Gaylen B. Young, a great-great-grandson of the Mormon prophet, offers words of remembrance in today’s edition of Meridian Magazine.  A few paragraphs appear below.

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He captured the imagination of Americans as he led the Mormon Pioneers to their “Promised Land” in the valleys of the Great Salt Lake in 1847. Many people of his day, and even today, only know that he helped lead the pioneers to the West and that he had many wives.

Few people realize that he was a devoted father and husband to his family members. All of them.

Few people know that he was a gifted organizer, a forward thinker, a colonizer, a skilled politician, a religious leader, and a Prophet of God.

As the late S. Dilworth Young said about Brigham, “It is quite evident that after 1832 Brigham Young was moved by just one motive: Determination to obey the will of God as spoken through the Prophet Joseph Smith and to support that Prophet with all that he possessed of time, talent and means.”