In many parts of the world, Christmas traditions handed down through centuries bear witness of the faith, hope, and reverence felt by those of an earlier and simpler age for the story of Christ and his Nativity.

Through those long dark days, candles glow in the village windows, reminding all that the light kindled in their hearts and homes cannot be darkened.  Over the centuries, the source of this light has been commemorated in the beloved Christmas tradition of the Procession of Santa Lucia — the Queen of Lights.

The light and hope she brings symbolizes a greater light — the Light of Life — whose coming we celebrate this Christmas.

In this lovely eight-minute sequence, Sissel Kyrkjebø and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Frode Alnæs’ composition Vitae Lux, while young women dressed in white reenact a Nordic tradition of Santa Lucia.  The music then transitions seamlessly into Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque as slender dancers in airy gowns flow across the stage in wordless accompaniment.  The ethereal beauty of this unique performance is not to be missed.

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Sissel Kyrkjebø (also known simply as Sissel), a Norwegian soprano, is considered one of the world’s top crossover sopranos.  This performance was her second collaboration with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and was filmed for the Choir’s annual Christmas Concert in 2006.