Hilary Weeks sings a gentle song of Christmas in this delightful music video from Deseret Book.


Candy canes, counting days, kids who still believe
Falling snow, mistletoe, trimming the tree
And laying underneath the glow of colored strings of light
Dreaming of Christmas Eve night

Popcorn chains, China plates, the smell of pumpkin pie
Wrapping gifts, ornaments, stockings hung high
Baking cookies and reading stories, a different tale each night
And seeing it again through a child’s eyes

It’s the hope that one day the world will know peace
It’s the love that we feel helping others in need
It’s shepherds who follow the star in the night
All wrapped up in the gift of Christmastime

Holy night, a gift divine, unto us is come
A perfect child, a baby mild, and holding her son
Mary sings a lullaby as peacefully He sleeps
And she marvels at what this miracle will mean

It’s the Son of heaven as angels sing
It’s the grace that only the Savior could bring
It’s wise men who follow Him each day of their lives
All wrapped up in the gift of Christmastime

It’s wise men who follow him each day of their lives
It’s love and hope
It’s joy and light
It’s Christmastime

—- Hilary Weeks, “Christmastime”, 2006