The Mormons were unique among the many pioneers that settled the Western United States. They did not journey seeking gold or wealth; they were seeking religious freedom. The Lest We Forget monument, dedicated by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1968, is a tribute to all those who traveled the Mormon Pioneer Trail.

The following short video, part of BYU’s Hallowed Ground Sacred Journey series, describes the Lest We Forget monument and the historical events it commemorates.


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The Mormon pioneer trek has been regarded as one of the greatest mass  movements of a distinct people since the biblical time of Moses and the  children of Israel. It was said of the initial group of road-breaking  pioneers: It was not just a trip of many families to new homes in the  west. It was the transfer of a whole community of 15,000 people with their  furniture, their food, their animals, manufacturing equipment, school  supplies, and their all over a trackless prairie. . . . There is nothing like it in history.”

From a letter describing the accomplishments of Governor Brigham Young,
presently on display in the National Archives, Washington D.C.