Preparedness blogger Carolyn Nicolaysen recently reflected upon the chaos and destruction brought in the last six months by an east-coast earthquake, Hurricane Irene, tropical storm Lee, power failures in California and Arizona, wildfires in Texas and Nevada, severe windstorms in Utah, and heavy snows in Washington state.

She asks:

“What if you were called in the middle of the night and told you needed to evacuate immediately?  A few years ago this happened to a friend.  When the evacuation order came, she could not think clearly about what to do and her comment later was, “I just didn’t understand I might not see my home again.”  Would you know what to do?  Plan today.

“No matter the reason for evacuation – a natural disaster, dangerous weather, industrial accident, terror threat or civil disturbance — it is going to be a stressful, chaotic time and you need to be prepared so that you and your family will remain safe and sane until the danger is past.”

Carolyn then suggests a number of concrete steps everyone can take in preparation for leaving their home under pressing circumstances, including the following “first things”:

  • A portable 72-hour kit of essential supplies for every family member.
  • Provision for household pets.
  • Highway maps, both of your area and of more distant locales.
  • Tools and supplies for your vehicle.
  • Sanitary supplies.
  • Clean drinking water, and appropriate kinds of food.
  • Cash, phone cards, and identification.

Read more of Carolyn Nicolaysen’s advice on preparedness at her blog,  For additional ideas, considering visiting my friend Jack Lockwood’s site, Doug Ritter’s Equipped To Survive, and FEMA’s web site.

You may also wish to consult my earlier post, A Basic 72-hour Preparedness Kit, on these pages.


In the following clip from the October 2011 World Report, the devastation resulting from last year’s F5 tornado in Joplin Missouri is pictured.  An LDS bishop describes how rescuers discovered one family buried in the wreckage of their home.  Several scenes of LDS Disaster Relief teams at work are included in the video.


The World Report is a semi-annual summary of news and developments of interest to members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.