November 6 is Election Day in the United States.

At few other junctures in the history of our nation have the fundamental liberties upon which our system of government and our society are built been under the sustained assault that they are today.

There are serious and pressing issues at hand – the economy, jobs, the national debt, homeland safety and security, and many more.

However, as the following three-minute video forcefully asserts, there are some issues that are of greater importance than others.

These are issues that affect not only the future of our nation, but the very foundations of society – the kind of America that the children and grandchildren of today’s voters will inherit.

These issues, which will determine the shape and tone and life of our society for generations to come, are of surpassing importance.

Discerning these issues, and voting wisely with respect to them, is the personal and societal “test of fire” referred to in this message.

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