In this post, I share with my readers selected images from the Church’s 2012 International Art Competition for Youth.

The theme of the International Art Competition for Youth—“Arise and Shine Forth”—comes from Doctrine and Covenants 115:4–6.  These verses record the Lord’s call to His Saints throughout the world to “arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.”  The Lord invites His Saints to be unified and to find “refuge from the storm” in the gospel.

The art competition asked 13- to 18-year-old youth to create original works of art that visually express their insights into this theme.

Over 400 artists, representing 35 states and 30 countries, answered the call.  Using a wide variety of styles and media, they submitted works that reflect their diverse cultural backgrounds, life experiences, personalities, and artistic gifts.

The theme of weathering life’s storms is prominent in the submitted artworks, many of which feature depictions of stormy seas, frightening landscapes, and encroaching darkness; as well as lighthouses, lights shining in darkness, and youth performing acts of compassion and kindness.  Several of the works feature holy temples, and two contain elements of Lehi’s dream.

Several of appear below.  You can find out more about “Arise and Shine Forth“, the 2012 International Art Competition for Youth, at the website of the Church History Museum (  To jump directly the image gallery, click here.

The Torchbearer, by Chase Dahl
“The Torchbearer,” by Chase Dahl
"Lead Them," by Deseret Fowler
“Lead Them,” by Deseret Fowler
"Choose You This Day," by Heather Diane Sorensen
“Choose You This Day,” by Heather Diane Sorensen
"Eager Eyes," by Samuel Burton
“Eager Eyes,” by Samuel Burton