Objects of the most stupendous magnitude – measures which affect the lives of millions, both born and unborn – are now before us.

John Adams, delegate of Massachusetts
debating the American Declaration of Independence
at the Second Continental Congress
Philadelphia, July 1, 1776
In this scene from the acclaimed HBO miniseries John Adams, Massachusetts delegate John Adams arises before a weary Continental Congress to speak in favor of the proposed Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.
His powerful message, ending with the passionate plea, “Let me have a country!”, so fired the hopes and roused the courage of his colleagues that the measure was carried.
The closing sequence depicts the finished declaration being read to a waiting public outside the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, with alternating scenes of Adams’ wife and children reading the just-received declaration in their farmhouse outside Boston.
The scene is extraordinarily gripping.  My apologies for the poor quality of the video.

A news magazine writer asked me… concerning my belief in the Constitution of our country. I replied that I felt it was inspired, that both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were brought forth under the inspiration of God to establish and sustain the freedom of the people of this nation. I told him that I looked upon the Founding Fathers as men who believed in God, as men who prayed to God, as men who recognized God and wished to do his will. What a singular and remarkable group they were. As I look across the world today I search in vain for such a group as walked together across the stage of history when this nation was born…

Just think for a moment of George Washington, of Franklin, of Madison, of the Adamses, of Thomas Jefferson and their associates who signed the Declaration of Independence or participated in the constitutional convention. Where in all the world today can even one or two such men be found, let alone the great aggregation who participated in the birth of America. Can anyone deny that they were raised up unto this very purpose, that working together they brought forth on this continent an independent nation at the risk of their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor? It is my conviction that while we’ve had a few great leaders since then, there has not been before or since so large a group of talented, able, and dedicated men as those whom we call the Founding Fathers of this nation. For as long as they lived they acknowledged the hand of the Almighty in the affairs of this republic.

Gordon B. Hinckley
President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1997 Provo Freedom Festival

May, indeed, God save our American States!