The Arrow Is Flown

a Tristan Baier web log


This is the personal weblog of Tristan Baier.

Tristan is the husband of one, a father of six, and the grandfather of eight (and counting).

A lifelong resident of Western New York, he blogs on subjects of interest to him, to his family and friends.  He does this in the hope of sharing information and ideas that are worthwhile — ideas that inform, orient, encourage, refresh and inspire.

Subject areas presently include the following:

  • Provident living
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Hiking and Outdoors
  • Living rationally in today’s world

and the following subject areas related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church):

  • The Church in today’s world
  • Living the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • LDS teachings and doctrine – a religion you can believe in

Where matters pertaining to Mormonism are concerned, every effort is made to represent the Church’s teachings and policies with accuracy.  However, the views and interpretations expressed are personal ones for which he alone is responsible.

The blog was launched in November 2008 and is in a process of ongoing development.  Refinements will be made as experience is gained and the possibilities of self-publishing come into clearer focus.

Comments are presently allowed and welcome.

The name of the blog comes from the second verse of Charles Wesley‘s traditional hymn, “Come, Let Us Anew“:

Our life as a dream,
our time as a stream
glides swiftly away,
and the fugitive moment refuses to stay.

For the arrow is flown
and the moments are gone.
The millennial year presses on to our view
and eternity’s here!

To watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir give a softly-sung rendition of this hymn,  click here.


© 2008-2015  Tristan Baier.   All rights reserved.

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